If you're currently enjoying the Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) beta from Valve and are excited for the game's full release later this year, you might be wondering how to engage in the standard competitive matchmaking mode. This guide is here to help you navigate through the process.

Accessing the CS2 Beta

For the time-being, access to the Counter-Strike 2 beta is being granted to anyone who has a rank in CS:GO, has Prime Status, and plays from a region where the beta is available. While it's still in its beta phase, not all the features you're accustomed to in CS:GO are accessible. This includes opening cases, the server browser, and a few more.

Competitive Mode in CS2

Most importantly, if you're eager to test your skills in some competitive matches, you might be curious about how to do so. Currently, the Competitive mode is greyed out on the Play menu, and this is the case for all players. As such, you're unable to queue for Competitive matches where you get to choose your preferred maps. The only way to play competitive matches at the moment is through Premier Mode.

Is Competitive Coming to CS2?

Rest assured, the standard competitive playlist is set to return in Counter-Strike 2. It remains unclear when this will happen, whether it will be during the beta phase or only available upon the game's full release.

One thing that is known about the Competitive mode in CS2 is that ranks will function a bit differently. While the ranks themselves (Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian, Legendary Eagle, and Global Elite) will remain, they will now be tied to specific maps. This means your rank will vary depending on your wins, losses, and overall performance on each map. If you only play a couple of maps, you'll have a skill group for those maps alone.

For now, the main focus is on Premier mode, so get in there and win 10 games to earn your placement elo! The world of Counter-Strike 2 is waiting for you to make your mark.