Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Starfield, a universe teeming with bustling cities, riveting missions, and intriguing characters. Amongst the most lively locales in the game's Settled Systems is Neon, a city thriving on the water planet of Volii Alpha. Neon is renowned for its active role in the production of the notorious substance Aurora and houses numerous shady corporations. In this article, we will guide you through the Bare Metal quest found in this city, taking you from the weapons store of Neon Tactical to the confrontation with the local gangster, Warlord.

Neon Tactical: The Starting Point

Neon Tactical, a weapons store found near the Trade Tower on the Bayu Plaza side of Neon city, is your first stop in this quest. The store's owner, Frank Renick, is a grizzled veteran of the colony wars whose patience has been worn thin by the locals. Upon entering the store, the sight of a graffiti-decorated robot named Styx might catch your eye. Styx is not only a decoration but also a powerful robot found in an old storage container awarded to Frank after a dispute with an Aurora dealer. However, Styx has suffered at the hands of a local gangster named Warlord, who has been looting the store. Frank will ask for your help in dealing with this menace, setting the Bare Metal quest in motion.

Unveiling the Problem: Frank's Conversation with Styx

While in the store, you get to overhear a conversation between Frank and Styx that reveals the store's financial troubles. The monthly earnings are far from satisfactory, and the damage caused by Warlord has only added to the woes. This conversation provides further context to Frank's request for help and adds a sense of urgency to the mission.

Tracking Down Warlord: Euphorika Nightclub

Your next destination is the Euphorika nightclub in Ebbside, where Warlord is rumored to hang out. The nightclub is one of the few places in Neon where Aurora can be bought legally, creating an interesting backdrop for your mission. Warlord will be found boasting about his exploits to one of his gang members near the main entrance of the nightclub. You will need to confront him to progress the mission.

Confronting Warlord: Persuade or Attack?

Upon confrontation, Warlord dismisses Frank's claims and complains about his gang members' losses during their raids on Neon Tactical. At this point, you are presented with two options: Persuade Warlord to pay for the damages he has caused or Attack him to ensure justice is served. Choose wisely as your decisions will impact the rest of the mission. If you decide to attack, be prepared for a fight, but rest assured, the locals won't interfere.

Collecting Credits and Completing the Mission

Your task is to secure funds from Warlord for Styx's restoration. If Warlord agrees to pay, the credits will be handed over. However, if you opt to attack him, the credits will be found on his person after defeating him. Once you have secured the money, return to Frank at Neon Tactical and hand over the credits. In return, Frank will reward you with 3,800 credits for your efforts, marking the successful completion of the Bare Metal quest.

The Bare Metal quest in Starfield is a thrilling blend of exploration, negotiation, and combat, which offers a glimpse into the vibrantly chaotic life in Neon city. Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran gamer, this mission is sure to provide a captivating and rewarding experience. Remember, the choices you make will shape your journey, so tread wisely and enjoy the adventure.