Disney Dreamlight Valley is a delightful, immersive game that invites players to explore a charming world filled with beloved Disney and Pixar characters. One key aspect of the game is completing friendship quests for these characters, which helps players improve their friendship levels and unlock new quests. The Seed of Memories quest, given by Simba, is a captivating adventure that takes players on a journey to learn more about Simba's past in Dreamlight Valley. This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions for completing the Seed of Memories quest and helping Simba recover his lost memories.

1. Initiating the Seed of Memories Quest

Initiating the Seed of Memories Quest

In order to begin the Seed of Memories quest, players must first reach a friendship level of 2 with Simba. After achieving this level, players can approach Simba, who will express his desire to learn more about his role in Dreamlight Valley before the Forgetting event. Simba will then request the player's help in uncovering his past by talking to Scar, who has managed to retain his memories from before the Forgetting.

2. Conversing with Scar and Discovering Simba's Past

Upon speaking with Scar, players will learn that Simba was once the protector of the Dreamlight tree, a sanctuary for the animals in the valley. However, when the Forgetting occurred, Simba returned to his own realm, causing the Dreamlight tree to wither away. Scar informs players that the seeds of the Dreamlight tree can be found hidden within the mines located in the Sunlit Plateau biome. With this information in hand, players must venture into the mines to recover the Dreamlight seeds and restore the tree.

3. Delving into the Mines and Consulting Merlin

Delving into the Mines and Consulting Merlin

Inside the mines near Goofy's Stall in the Sunlit Plateau, players will discover the entrance to the Herbalist's room. By interacting with the door frame and the light beam, players can gain access to the room, where they will find a table with various materials and wall drawings to examine. These clues will ultimately lead players to consult with the wise Merlin, who will provide crucial information about the potions needed to restore the Dreamlight tree.

4. Crafting the Potions of Growth and Dust

Merlin explains that two potions are required for the restoration of the Dreamlight tree: the Potion of Growth and the Potion of Dust. Players will need to gather specific materials to craft these potions. The Potion of Growth requires 3 Dreamshards, 6 Blueberries, and 1 Empty Vial, while the Potion of Dust requires 3 Night Shards, 3 Orange Marsh Milkweed, and 1 Empty Vial. Once players have collected the necessary ingredients, they can craft both potions, which are essential for reviving the Dreamlight tree.

5. Restoring the Dreamlight Tree and Completing the Quest

Restoring the Dreamlight Tree and Completing the Quest

With both options in their possession, players must return to the Herbalist's room and place the potions on the table. This action will result in the appearance of the Dreamlight seed, which players can then pick up and bring back to Simba, who eagerly awaits their return. Grateful for the player's assistance, Simba will reveal the perfect spot to plant the seed in the Sunlit Plateau near a pond. After planting the seed and watering it several times, players will watch the Dreamlight tree sprout and grow, signifying the successful completion of the Seed of Memories quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Through these five stages, players can help Simba reclaim his lost memories and restore a vital part of Dreamlight Valley's history. The Seed of Memories quest provides a fascinating insight into Simba's role within the valley while also allowing players to further deepen their bonds with the beloved characters of Disney Dreamlight Valley.