The countdown to the premiere of Alan Wake 2 on October 27 is on after initial plans set it for October 17. Amid the hustle-bustle leading to the full-fledged launch, Sam Lake, the creative director of Alan Wake 2, broke the news of the game's free downloadable content (DLCs) in the pipeline.

During his interaction at EGX, Lake let out plans for releasing complimentary DLCs for Alan Wake 2. The revelation enthused gamers as he hinted at these future DLC drops bearing significant weight. Decoding his words, fans can expect elaborate details regarding these much-anticipated DLCs shortly after the game's rollout. Moreover, the cherry on top is that all this surplus gaming content will be served up free of cost to all purchasers of the game.

Lake held back a detailed discussion about the proposed DLCs in his statement. However, if the Alan Wake website is to be believed, two intriguingly named potential expansions are under development- "Night Springs" and "Lake House." Whether these rumored expansions will shape the free DLCs in question remains uncertain. Lake assured more clarity after the game's launch.

Conforming to earlier reports from Remedy, gamers are bracing themselves for both complimentary and chargeable expansions once Alan Wake 2 hits the screen. Nevertheless, clarity about the level of enrichment the free content would carry remained unclear until Sam Lake tipped the scale toward them carrying substantial game depth. The pronounced significance of these forthcoming DLCs has been stoking curiosity and anticipation about their potential gaming features despite the actual game still being on the way to release.

No official timeline for more revelations around the DLCs has so far been hinted at. However, fans would be wise to keep tabs on any updates popping up on Alan Wake 2's official web page and social media for the earliest scoop on the details. Hopefully, the gaming community won't have to wait too long to dig into more substantial information.