Blizzard has been gauging the response of their community to NFTs and whether people will be interested in them. The same was also done for AR, VR, metaverse, cloud gaming, and play-to-earn.

However, these weren’t simply polling about NFTs, since at the end of the poll, you would be sent to Blizzard’s shop, which has outraged quite a lot of people.

NFTs have been receiving a lot of hate from the users, especially after GSC Game World and Ubisoft have run their NFTs projects. It seems that Blizzard is never too subtle about “extorting” money from its player base, so you shouldn’t be too surprised about getting sent to their shop after getting polled about NFTs.

In the past, Blizzard was synonymous with game success, with all of its titles enjoying immense popularity. In recent years, however, the Blizzard has fallen and it seems that they wish to find out just how far they can fall before the rest of their fans will abandon them.

Diablo going mobile, workplace scandals, disappointing game releases, and now NFTs – what will Blizzard think of next? Overwatch was probably their only redeeming game in recent years.

Despite all that, it was clearly stated by Blizzard's president that they do not plan to add NFTs to any of their games. So it seems like NFTs are off the table at the moment.

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