The highly anticipated New Frontiers Update has finally arrived for Dota 2, elevating the game to version 7.33. This massive patch not only expands the map by an impressive 40%, but it also introduces changes to the matchmaking algorithm, a new hero type, a revamped interface, and numerous balance adjustments. As players dive into this exciting update, they'll find that there's now plenty more to explore in Dota 2.

The most notable change in this update is undeniably the map expansion. While lanes remain as close together as always, the addition of "40% more terrain" around the edges provides an entirely new environment for players to navigate. This expansion doesn't just increase the size of the map; it also reconfigures both main jungles, altering vision placement, juke routes, farming opportunities, and more.

In addition to these changes in exploration and strategy, players can expect an improved matchmaking experience with the updated algorithm. Although Valve has not provided specific details on how this will function compared to previous iterations, it's presumed that matches will be more balanced and enjoyable for all participants.

A fresh hero type has also been added into the mix for Dota 2 enthusiasts to experiment with. Though specific details on this new character have yet been disclosed by Valve, it's likely that their introduction will shake up gameplay dynamics and create interesting new challenges for players to overcome.

To sum up, Dota 2's New Frontiers Update is a game-changer that offers a wealth of fresh content for both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike. With its expanded map providing a whole new world of possibilities for exploration and strategy development alongside significant shifts in matchmaking algorithms and hero types, there's never been a better time to delve back into this iconic title.