By the end of this month, the Depop fashion market will break into the 'High School Years' DLC for the fourth part of The Sims. Depop describes itself as a “community-powered” and “circular” online resale site, with which people can buy and sell vintage clothing at affordable prices.

The new extension will allow the users to play their characters as they go through puberty. So, you can live through your sim (or sims) such exciting moments as first love, graduation, school pranks, and even become a real bully by skipping classes and getting reprimanded for it.

Teen Sims will be able to become trendsetters in the Sim Town world. The “Simfluencer” status allows you to earn the in-game currency Simoleons, in order to be able to do this, you need to use the Trendi application. Any Simfluencer will be able to set trends by creating looks from the items they pick up in the Thriftea in-game store.

The clothes that will appear in the game will be not only stunningly beautiful but also very fashionable. After all, the fashion design will be created by famous real-life Depop sellers, including Selena Williams, Sha'ban d'Anthes, and Lapoze McTribouy. All of them will make a bright contribution and inspire players with the most daring ideas.

Collaboration with Depop really refreshed the concept of "High School Years" DLC for The Sims 4. Teenagers are the most boldly experimenting age group; they are not afraid to look ridiculous and try completely new styles of clothes. Therefore, the creators have tried to bring as many bright ideas as possible so that players can fully plunge into the world of youth fashion. The expansion for the game will be released on July 28 simultaneously on several platforms, including Steam, EA Origin, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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