The pandemic hit all of us physically and mentally back in 2020; it was hard to keep up with the world and stay healthy. Then Health and Fitness apps saw enormous growth in interest, along with downloads jump. Users were ready to spend more time and money to be fit in the terms of quarantine.

The curve kept growing till 2021, training apps saw their rise and reached over 290 million downloads, which is up 14% since 2019. This interest in Health and Fitness category was born from people locked up at home and being restless to do something. During the pandemic, it is really hard to keep calm and focused, mental health problems saw a huge rise in numbers, and that counter is still growing.

The most attention got Headspace and Calm apps. Their goal is to help you organize thoughts and relax after a long day. The total spending in Health and Fitness section reached $35 million on Google Play and $66 million on the App Store in the second quarter of 2021.

Europe spectated the rise up to 16% in user spending counting $382 million the previous year. This interest in staying healthy helped a lot of people to keep calm and focused. Users started to trust the digital world with their well-being.

In 2022, the ride is expected to continue, reaching $110 million only in the first quarter, which will signify a 140% rise. Despite the installs slowing down in mid-2021, the in-app spending still maintained its pace. Fitness apps like Nike Run Club, Strava, and Fitbit had definitely doubled their ad income on all platforms during the year. We will see how this situation escalates during 2022. It is important to take care of your health in the terms of the ongoing pandemic. 

Do you think other apps will see their rise? What else can affect this growth? Share your opinion in the comments below.