The chance of seeing two identical snowflakes is so astronomically low that it’s considered impossible. Same goes for two homes which can hardly have the same heating and cooling needs. However, there’s a device capable of examining your temperature preferences and creating a program custom tailored to your unique requirements. Yes, it’s the new Nest Thermostat from Google that we’re talking about. Keep reading for more details on the perks of the gizmo.

If you’re wondering whether buying a Nest Thermostat is worth it or not, the quick answer is yes. First, if you hurry up and make a purchase now, the device is going to become your favorite home assistant at a very appealing price. Second, the Nest thermostat comes with a multitude of benefits. Generally speaking, the device effectively aids you in cutting costs on your heating bill and improving the overall convenience of your home. 

Curious what exactly the smart gizmo is that good at? Here are some of the Nest thermostat’s functions (read as perks):

  • it controls your heating and hot water automatically;
  • over time, the thing learns about your temp preferences and then adjusts the warmth level based on whether you’re home or out (that’s very convenient and money-saving!);
  • with this thermostat, you get to adjust the temperature at your home remotely via your smartphone;
  • with the gizmo, you can control your hot water tank right from the application.

If you don’t think about thermostats as portable units, the Nest thermostat will make you think again. Because this little device from Google is compatible with many HVAC systems, you can easily deinstall it and take it wherever you’re planning to move, be it a new home or office. And the perks don’t end there. These days, you get to purchase the device at only $199, which means you’re going to save up to a hefty $50! Bookmark our website for more updates on the topic. And don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. We value your opinion greatly