December brought a major update from Google for Pixel phones, which affected a number of security settings and implemented a full-blown Feature Drop landing. This update is not limited to smartphones, as Google shared information about the functionality of the Pixel Watch, which will be released very soon. And although the implementation of some functions will not be available until the New Year, the updated firmware will say goodbye to many of the annoying bugs.

A while ago, Google updated the app for the Pixel Watch, and the latest update, released on the first Monday in December, completely updated the watch's firmware. If you look at the list of changes, it becomes clear that they will not affect the expansion of functionality, but they will fix a number of pre-existing shortcomings.

The corrections affected the calls, namely those that were carried out through the speakerphone. So, the corresponding improvements and changes were made. The ability to switch to power-saving mode with just one touch has also been added. An important fix was the correction of the display of data on the dial, which was sometimes incorrect. Separately, a bug was fixed for Fitbit Exercise, when the exercise layout was not displayed in full.

This update may not look massive and impressive, but it will allow you to use the Pixel Watch more comfortably. And subsequent OTA updates that will take place in the near future promise to be more useful and expand the functionality. Users will be notified as soon as the latest software version RWD9.220429.070 is installed for their Pixel Watch.

Did you run into any bugs when using the Pixel Watch? What features are you looking forward to in the upcoming update? Please share your opinion below.