The leader of Helldivers 2's creation team is in continuous dialogue with both PlayStation and Valve to reinstate the game universally, following a directive from PSN that led to its removal in over 170 nations. Efforts to reissue the game on digital platforms from which it was recently removed are persistently pursued by the director and head of the studio.

Due to a new policy requiring Helldivers 2 players on PC to connect with an active PSN account, the game was quickly removed from sale in numerous territories globally that lack PSN service. Although the policy may have been reconsidered, the absence of PSN in these areas means Helldivers 2 is still unavailable.

Johan Pilestedt, both the game's director and the CEO of Arrowhead, is actively seeking to reverse these delistings. He shared in the game's official Discord that while there's no immediate news on rectifying the situation, he is in talks with PlayStation and Valve, striving to have the decision reversed, expressing a steadfast commitment to making the game accessible globally.

Arrowhead faces continued challenges stemming from the enforcement of linking with a PSN account. A significant decision led to the dismissal of the studio's community manager after they proposed to players to negatively review Helldivers 2 as a protest against the PSN account linkage requirement. The developer acknowledged the gamble in their appeal to the players.

Although there's no clear timetable for when Helldivers 2 might return to the previously affected digital outlets, Pilestedt's active engagement in the matter offers some hope. Given Valve's recent move to amend its refund policy to accommodate players upset by last week’s events, there’s a glimpse of positive movement towards resolving the issue with Arrowhead.

In light of the recent PSN account linking debacle, Helldivers 2 developers are hesitant to introduce a new Warbond, considering it might seem insensitive. Therefore, they're entrusting the decision to the player community, embodying the spirit of democracy in their approach.