One of the most favorite football championships Premier Leagues started on November 30. The opening match happened between Norwich and Newcastle United at 7.30 pm. Subscribers to Amazon Prime Video were given a choice to watch this game or channel Leeds United against Crystal Palace at 8.15 pm.

A night after, owners of Amazon Prime Video’s Premier League coverage were offered to pick and spectate one of the six matches happening on that day. The most awaited one was the derby between Everton and Liverpool, but you could also tune in to Chelsea versus Watford, or Manchester Cite and Villa Park.

Matchday 14 on December 2 is going to be pretty hot, as Manchester United takes a fight with Arsenal, while Tottenham Hotspur plays against Brentford. This TV broadcasting system was introduced to Amazon at the start of the 2019-20 season. It offers its users to choose between two matches from the Premier League, and subscribers can freely switch from one to another. You can watch the matches live on the Amazon Prime Video service, and here we will provide you a guide on how to access the translation on a big screen.

Amazon’s app can be downloaded on different brands of games consoles, Smart TVs, and streaming devices. From there you can broadcast the match onto your TV with the built-in instruction from the developers. You may want to get a streaming device like Amazon Firestick if you don’t own a Smart TV.

Don’t worry about the package coming too late, as Amazon Prime subscription offers its users a next-day delivery. After that, you complete the sign or log-in process and there you have full access to Premier League matches.

Will you watch the games on Amazon Prime Videos? What matches are you excited to see with the help of the coverage? Tell us your opinion in the comments below.