Matter is an absolutely new technology that connects electronic devices in one single app. This idea was supported by such huge corporations as Amazon, Apple, and Google. They strive to create the Matter brand and open the Internet of Things. The launching of this large innovation is planned for 2022. The exact date is not known yet, but it seems the tech giants are primed quite seriously.

People will be able to purchase such objects as lightning systems, TVs and similar gadgets, kitchen appliances, and thermostats. In a short word, it relates to anything you might need for the smart house, but Matter will connect all devices for the best performance. The manufacturers want to produce whole units that include many devices which can be regulated by one application in your smartphone. 

More than 200 providers support Matter. This technology is being controlled by the Connectivity Standards Alliance. There is a huge list of pros why they want to provide Matter. Since all your devices are connected, you can observe what is going on at home when you’re away. For example, if you have a pet, Matter will notify you whether everything is ok or not. When you come home, the lightning will turn on automatically. Higher security is also offered. If the oven is turned on but Matter doesn’t detect human activity at home, it will turn it off. Moreover, leaks or damage can be detected in the kitchen or bathroom. 

Two thousand engineers are working hard to launch Matter in 2022. Only a small list of features that will be available is known now. However, it’s difficult to say what the technology will look like in reality, and it might appear much better than expected. What do you think the Matter will look like? Will you purchase it when it appears? Please, share the post and leave your comments on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.