The Legend of Zelda franchise is one of the staples for Nintendo throughout its history. The next installment in the series, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, is already announced, and more and more materials make it to the audience. The recent promo tells little about the gameplay, but fans are already up here with their versions of what’s coming.

The information about the upcoming game is, to say the least, scarce. Nintendo shared two photos of a statue of Link, a protagonist featured throughout the series, and, though it’s very detailed and shows some unexpected changes (like Link’s right arm that looks strange), it reveals nothing about either the gameplay or the plot. Yet Link’s arm alone is a solid foundation for some hypotheses articulated by fans.

The blue and green arm is glowing, which hints at some supernatural ability Link may have in Tears of the Kingdom. Some fans, though, rather see it as a kind of corruption that Link tries to stop with a bracelet (probably a supernatural one too).

The posture is also telling: Link nearly always outstretches it in promo materials. This, as some suppose, may mean the protagonist is absorbing something from the external world with it. This also may mean some transformation abilities, though the mechanism is unclear. And so will be at least until Nintendo sheds some more light on the upcoming game, which will happen probably right before the release.

The game is scheduled for release on May 12, 2023. Probably it will remain a Switch exclusive, as no other platforms have been mentioned in relation to it. This well fits the history of the franchise which Nintendo has never let go of. The price will be typical for Switch games: $59.99, but when you remember it’s a Zelda game in 2023, this seems a bargain.

Are you already planning to purchase Tears of the Kingdom? What do you think about this Link statue, his arm, and his posture? We’d like to read form you in the comments!