The Apple Watch Ultra series has been known for its audacious approach towards a rather niche market, specifically designed for those engaged in extreme outdoor activities like ultramarathon running, hiking, and diving. Despite the competition, with brands like Garmin already well-established in this sector, Apple's entry was not a timid one. The first Apple Watch Ultra was a beast, robustly built to perform in the harshest of environments. It was big, bold, and unapologetically daring. But as the dust settles after the initial launch, the question now is whether the successor, the Apple Watch Ultra 2, merits an upgrade.

The first Apple Watch Ultra's launch saw a mixed bag of reactions, partly because of the niche market it chose to serve. However, the watch gained a loyal fanbase, particularly amongst those who admired its design and the Apple Watch functionality at its core. It was a perfect blend of ruggedness and sophistication, all packed into a smartwatch.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2, however, doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, it builds on the groundwork laid by its predecessor. It's not a drastic make-over, but rather a refinement of an already successful model. This is evident in the device's new features, which do not diverge dramatically from the first generation Ultra.

The most notable improvement in the Ultra 2 is its brighter display. With a peak of 3000 nits, it surpasses any other always-on screen produced by Apple. Another noteworthy upgrade is the doubling of the default storage to 64GB, making it a more alluring option for those who need more space for apps and data.

A majority of the new features in the Ultra 2 are, however, also available in the Series 9. So if you're not particularly interested in the exclusive features of the Ultra series such as the rugged case and the long battery life, the Series 9 could be a more cost-effective alternative.

The decision to upgrade to the Apple Watch Ultra 2 ultimately depends on the individual needs of the user. The new features, such as the brighter display and double storage, are indeed enticing. However, with the $799 starting price, one must seriously consider whether these enhancements are worth the extra expenditure.

If you already own the first generation Ultra, the upgrade might not be worth it, considering the minimal changes in the new model. On the other hand, the Ultra 2 could be a great investment for those who wish to experience the unique benefits of the Ultra series for the first time. As always, it's a matter of personal preference and need. Nonetheless, one thing remains certain; the Apple Watch Ultra 2, much like its predecessor, is unapologetically bold and audaciously daring.