While the metaverse is all everyone can talk about now, there is still a long journey ahead before we can completely immerse ourselves and interact in the fully-utilitarian digital world.

Through the efforts of major social media companies and gaming platforms like Roblox, however, we have a pretty good understanding of what the metaverse should be like. It is a safe and comfortable 3D world inhabited by our digital avatars who go on about their daily business doing things we usually do or wish we would do in real life.

Although Roblox’s vision of a digital universe where people can create and share their experiences has always been and still is wildly successful, the platform feels it is time to change.

Looking to meet the needs of its core users, who are now getting older, and attract a more mature audience, Roblox has decided to introduce new types of ads and branded content into its games.

Thus, the platform is bringing in new immersive ads that will appear inside specific experiences and give brands a chance to connect with potential customers at a more meaningful and personal level. Furthermore, companies will be able to have portals in various Roblox experiences that will take users from one branded location to another – this should be fun for players and also give brands more digital exposure. Finally, Roblox is promising us new, enhanced avatars that will look more like the metaverse avatars we are used to seeing elsewhere, with more evolved motion capture animation. The platform’s idea is to encourage players to get involved with their realistic Roblox characters even more deeply.

Do you think better-looking avatars, branded experiences, and immersive 3D ads will help Roblox stay relevant as the drive for the metaverse is gaining momentum? Speak up in the comments below!