The new extension pack is called My Wedding Stories. It is launched as part of The Sims 4. For now, EA did not release any patch notes.

The Sims 4 new extension has already confused many players. The pack offers players the ability to celebrate being in love. It was released on February 23. The pack comes closer to Valentine’s Day. It was released on the original platforms where you play Sims, including Windows, macOS, Xbox One, and PS4. The patch was released at the very same time. The main problem is that there were patch notes which usually come with the new updates.

The community manager of EA said that there were fixes behind the scenes. However, there were no further insights into the patch. The new update offers the fixture to the new pack. YouTubers who received access to My Wedding Stories in the first place were complaining about numerous problems there. Some bugs were fixed, but some are left there.

There is a whole new world in the extension. It is called Tartosa. Players can join it to create their own perfect wedding. Originally, the game was planned to be released on February 16. However, the date was changed based on the backlash over the company’s decision not to release the extension in Russia. Russian players were unhappy with the same-sex couple whose wedding was the central event in My Wedding Stories. The strong law against LGBTQ+ people in Russia did not allow EA to provide the content in this country. The company said they decided not to violate the federal laws of Russia. A few days later the company revealed they will release the game in this country without making any changes inside, hoping to change the LGBTQ+ image there. Now, the extension is available around the world.

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