Such a big product as Google Maps (with all the data its servers store) has more tricks than most users know. Here are six hacks you can use to enhance your experience with the mobile app and the web version of it.

  1. ·      Live View in Directions mode helps locate yourself better, no matter if you’re walking or driving (though we’d only recommend using it when walking).
  2. ·      If you go to an unfamiliar place, give it a minute with Street View before you set off. You will get a visual image of the spot. Even if the building got renovated after the last update, its surroundings will remain.
  3. ·      Google Maps has Incognito Mode (like Chrome, yes). Use it if you usually share your location with others, but this time decided not to.
  4. ·      Download maps of certain areas to enable your mobile app to work offline. Inertial navigation will help track your location.
  5. ·      Add stops to your routes via the menu to make your plans more precise. It will also help you better estimate the time necessary.
  6. ·      The “P” icon helps you find parking areas wherever you are. Tap it and choose one from the list that pops up.

These minor hacks form major improvements in your overall experience and make Google Maps an even more useful tool in your everyday life.