This Thursday saw the release of new features on Instagram that will allow creators to connect with their audience and make paid subscription bonuses even more exclusive and enticing. The company is trying to ensure that Instagram gradually becomes the leading platform for earning money through digital content. Because of this, a subscriber home, subscriber posts, subscriber reels, and subscriber chats have been introduced. The subscriber's home tab will allow you to filter chats that are only available with a paid subscription. Subscriptions first appeared at the beginning of this year and were started with users from the USA.

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, made a special video message on his Instagram page, where he additionally mentioned the new features for the followers. He focused on the fact that all these new features will allow the creators to get a good stable profit thanks to the platform. The new chat feature, in particular, has really hit the nail on the head. By using it, up to 30 subscribers can communicate with the creator in a special chat. The most requested feature by users was the ability for creators to make not only exclusive stories but also posts that are visible only to subscribers. And the Instagram developers made this wish a reality, allowing all types of content on the platform to be made available only to the closest audience.

The introduction of paid subscriptions was a big step for Instagram earlier this year. Initially, the platform gave only a special subscriber badge and access to exclusive stories and live features from the creator, but the latest update has significantly expanded the functionality. Also, the recommendations of the platform's creators turned out to be quite useful and effective from a marketing point of view.

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