The Dark mode was marked as one of the leading trends of the recent past. Nowadays, the dark mode is available in almost every popular app, making it convenient for those who are concerned about saving their batteries for longer or simply those who like dusky colors.

The dark mode got released in September, while the official announcement from Google was made back in August, stating that the dark mode for Maps will soon be available on iOS. A new look allows users to freshen up their experience with Google Maps. The update went so quietly that at the beginning, many high-tech nerds didn’t even notice it before receiving app notifications, and, frankly, we didn’t either. By the way, to apply dark mode on your iPhone, you need OS 13 or higher. Finally, here is how you can switch it on.

Using your iOS Google Maps interface, tap the picture of your profile in the upper right corner. Choose “Settings” in the dropdown menu and select “Dark Mode” in the section called Using Maps. You can choose among three options: Off, On, or “Same as device setting” (depending on what you have set in settings, the dark mode will turn on and off automatically).
A similar feature was released on Android a couple of months ago, but its difference is in the path of reaching the required settings and making it work. At first, you need to tap the picture of your profile, then proceed to “Settings” and further to “Theme,” and choose from three options, like on iOS.

Of course, depending on your mood, it’s up to you, whether you want to switch this mode on or not. However, the best course of action is to make it fit well with the other apps on your device. Just feel the vibes and go with the flow!

Which mode do you like more? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.