Google Home is much more than a bunch of hilarious and not quite so jokes. After you play with a newly bought device, you can finally concentrate on the features that might be helpful. Google Assistant dwells in numerous devices and is always ready at your service. Smart home devices not only ask your family to come to join you for dinner but also provide a wide range of smart tasks.

Beneficial Features of Google Home

Here is a brief list of everything you can try with your new assistant. With a standard lights switching-on function that is usually the most popular feature, you can perform quite a few tricks. Try not to use them all at once:

  • Advanced calendar. You might have already tried it with your Personal Assistant. Now you can do it at home. Make a schedule and let Google remind you about it. You can change the calendar, add or remove events with your voice only;

  • Set the alarms. If you need to get reminded about the event you can easily forget, set the alarm or reminder. The system works well even with timers you need to set. Your cake will never be burned again;

  • Kitchen assistant. This feature is perfect for everyone who has the display on Google Home. You may ask for recipes, and they will appear on the screen. The smart AI reveals you videos with step-by-step cooking tutorials;

  • TV remote. You may ask your smart home to play Netflix or specific videos on YouTube. If you don’t have a smart TV, you still can do this by using the Chromecast in the HDMI slot;

  • Interpreter. If you need to translate something or someone, you can do it easily with Google Home. You have to say only “OK Google, be my … interpreter.” Insert the language you need instead of three dots;

  • Control the home. The original skills of smart homes are still there and are the most popular among users. You can turn on lights, a thermostat, and a conditioner, check the locks, and even water flowers.

Enjoy Your Smart Home

Google Home was originally created to ease people’s lives, and it has managed its work splendidly. The tricks calculated above are only the beginning. You can explore the features your home offers on your own. Check out all the benefits you did not expect to find.