For those of us who love playing first-person shooters, the wait for Halo Infinite has been a long one. But fortunately, there are plenty of other great games out there that offer similar experiences and can help fill the void until Halo Infinite's eventual release. This is a list of the top five best alternatives to Halo Infinite.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal logo

Doom Eternal is a fast-paced, intense first-person shooter from id Software and Bethesda Softworks. It's the sequel to 2016's Doom reboot and takes place in an apocalyptic world where demon forces have taken over Earth. The gameplay is all about fast-paced action as you battle through hordes of demons with a wide variety of weapons, including some unique futuristic ones like the Super Shotgun, BFG 10k, and Plasma Rifle. You'll also use various power-ups and upgrades throughout your journey to help you take down bigger enemies and progress through the story. Besides its incredible single-player campaign, Doom Eternal also features an online multiplayer mode that allows players to fight against each other or join forces against AI-controlled enemies in a variety of different game modes. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty Modern Warfare logo

Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a reboot of the popular franchise that follows Captain John Price on his mission to stop Russian Ultranationalists from launching a war on Europe. The game features realistic modern warfare settings with advanced weapon customization and immersive team-based multiplayer modes such as Ground War, Cyber Attack, and Search & Destroy that are sure to keep players engaged for hours on end. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare offers shooter fans an immersive military shooter experience with astounding graphics, intense gunplay mechanics, and an exciting single-player story mode, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a substitute for Halo Infinite until its release later in the year.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 game

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is an action MMO set in a science fiction universe where players assume the role of Guardians tasked with protecting humanity from alien threats like the Cabal Empire or Fallen House Devils Kings who are trying to take control over Earth’s last safe city by force. With its combination of RPG elements such as skill trees and loot drops along with intense action sequences from its FPS combat system, Destiny 2 offers an incredibly engaging experience sure to satisfy any fan looking for something similar to Halo Infinite while they wait patiently for its release later this year. 

Far Cry 5 

FarCry 5 logo

Far Cry 5 comes from Ubisoft’s renowned open-world series, which sees players take on cult leader Joseph Seed who claims to be God’s chosen one sent down by heaven but whose true intentions are more sinister than he makes them out to be. Far Cry 5 features large open worlds filled with activities ranging from hunting animals or performing side quests while playing as either male or female protagonists, depending on your preference. All while taking part in intense firefights against heavily armed cult members as you work your way up through Joseph Seed’s ranks in order to stop him from enacting his devious plans before it’s too late. Its deep character development system combined with intense moments sure makes Far Cry 5 an excellent alternative for anyone waiting for their chance at playing Halo Infinite later this year.

Rainbow Six Siege 

Rainbow Six Siege game

Rainbow Six Siege offers tactical first-person shooting set in various locations around the world, which sees two teams compete against each other using tactics such as breaching walls or setting traps in order to gain advantages over their opponents before finally assaulting enemy positions in order to achieve victory. Rainbow Six Siege also features destructible environments, which adds another layer of complexity when planning strategies during heated battles. If you want something similar to Halo but prefer a more tactical approach then Rainbow Six Siege could just be what you need while waiting eagerly for your chance at playing Master Chief himself later this year.