The new Summertime Odyssey event marks the return of the Golden Apple Archipelago for Genshin Impact. All this appeared as part of patch 2.8 and will not be available after its end. The new area is replete with various features, including free loot, puzzles, and quests. Therefore, given the time frame, players should hurry up to get as many in-game prizes as possible while possible.

Genshin Impact is true to tradition, so the events are made consecutive, with different branches of opportunities and prizes throughout the duration of the action. Thus, the player is maximally involved in the process and we will not be able to go through the entire event in a short period of time, even with a strong desire. “Summertime Odyssey” is made on the same principle, so if you want to get the most out of the event, start your journey from day one.

In the new event, the player becomes a traveler who, with Mona, Fischl, Kazuha, and Xinyan, will enjoy a beach holiday along the way, dealing with various tasks and having fun. It became known that Fatui agents appeared on the islands. It will be up to you and your assistants to find out what was the reason for this.

The traveler will be able to get Phantasmal Conches, which will open access to Fischl's free skin, and you can also enjoy limited-time world quests and solve unusual puzzles. And remember that the duration of the event is limited, so you should hurry.

Do you like the events in Genshin Impact? How enticing are the rewards for you after completing Summertime Odyssey completely? Please share your opinion with the rest in the comments below.