Android and Google TV have never been a priority for Xbox Game Pass, but now it may change. A slight sign of things to come is already noticeable. But to witness this, one has to be a real exploration freak to try things that seem meaningless – like install the Xbox app on unsupported devices. And sometimes, it leads to surprising discoveries.

While Google TV supports installing apps from third-party sources (like Android does in general), the app has to carry special code fragments to be recognized as compatible and appear on the home screen. Otherwise, users have to access it through Settings or third-party launchers. Of course, such apps do not appear on app stores as you do the searching.

Microsoft didn’t put its Xbox Game Pass app on Play Store for Android TV officially yet. But if you just drop the APK on the device from elsewhere and run it, after installation, you will see its icon on the home screen. This means Android TV is at least recognized as such.

Besides that, though, little is done to improve the experience. Streaming works quite poorly on Android TV, with freezing awaiting each minute (including the very first one). The app is overall not suited for non-touch controls, no matter if it’s a gamepad or a TV remote. But if Microsoft recognizes the problems (if it’s here for the feedback, it will), it may do something to fix them. This little change in the app indicates the interest it has expressed indiscreetly.

Another streaming platform is always a good option - especially such a popular and rich platform as Xbox. Still, you better hold your hopes to yourself until Microsoft issues at least one official statement to disprove earlier ones that told of zero interest towards Google TV/Android TV. Come on, we know you want it there, not on your consoles only, but wherever you lay your app.