YouTube offers more tools to its content creators. They can now use these instruments to improve livestreams. The biggest streaming platform has introduced updates to the wide number of YouTube Live features.

YouTube has recently extended the total number of tools available on its platform. One of the most awaited features became the ability to welcome guests in the live streams. Users can easily send links to each other to take part in the clip. Screen guests can also be welcomed before the stream. The information about the channel of the guest and the other info that identifies the guest can be hidden. Apart from that, the analytics for the video will be available to the hosts, but not guests.

YouTube believes that with all these new changes content creators will be able to create videos with high quality and attract more users. The company hopes that these tools will ease the life of channel owners. Now they can introduce guests without the need to create extra live streams from the guests’ side.

Following Instagram, YouTube added the red ring you can see on the video when it is live. It makes live videos more visible. Apart from that, the company plans to add the redirects across channels. They will be available to the creators who have more than 1 000 subscribers. This instrument can be used only by the channel owner with followers that don’t have active strikes.

Focused on the livestreams improvement, YouTube says they want to create the ability for users to ask questions during the stream. Once the content creator sees them, you can expect to receive answers during the livestream. The company continues to add more tools and attract new content creators to livestreams.

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