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  • Tata Sky Binge+ to Get Netflix Access
    • Dominic Hayes
    • Jan, 31 2022
    Tata Sky Binge+ to Get Netflix Access The latest Tata Sky Binge+ user reports indicate that India’s leading Android TV set-top box is getting a new software version that includes a pre-installed Netflix app. After the update, users will be able to stream not only a limited collection of Netflix titles but the full library of shows.  At Last, It’s For Everyone Tata already had an agreement with Netflix in 2018 to stream some of the popular shows by the content provider over the OTT (over-the-top) platform. Now Netflix is provided through a DTH (direct-to-home) platform to let users access the full content library via the official Netflix app....
  • SmartThings Receives Demand Response Option
    • Dominic Hayes
    • Jan, 26 2022
    SmartThings Receives Demand Response Option Samsung’s service SmartThings is a popular smart home solution that now receives new features. Users of the app can enter the utility integration portfolio and programs by using SmartThings Energy. The new offer is made by Enersponse, a California-based company of energy management. Enersponse proposed to open the demand response option for every homeowner and all users of small energy who live in the US. This company is focused mainly on B2B, collaboration with Samsung offers more opportunities, including access to the new audience. Meanwhile, smart hope app users receive new unique features. Since there is no exact data on the amount...
  • Netflix Releases More Games on Android and iOS
    • Louise Wells
    • Jan, 24 2022
    Netflix Releases More Games on Android and iOS Netflix reveals two more games coming to its gaming service. Android and iOS mobile platform owners can enjoy them already. Netflix users around the world can check the gaming service on their phones. Last year Netflix released a new service with games for its subscribers. Everyone with an iOS or Android mobile platform could join it. The first games that became available there were two Stranger Things-based and several casuals. Right now two more games are coming. Players will be able to play Arcanium: Rise of Akhan, which is a card strategy game. It is a single-player open-world. Created by Rogue Games...
  • Smart Home: Trends and Ideas of 2022
    • John Day
    • Jan, 20 2022
    Smart Home: Trends and Ideas of 2022 There is no doubt our homes are getting smarter each year. But slow evolution still did not show that killer feature for a smart home. Let’s not go far: in many households, vacuum robots are completely standalone units, not even controlled by phones! In 2022, though, trends are already seen that may change the situation for the better. That is, for the smarter. Robots: Not Only Vacuums While cleaning floors remained the number one priority for home robots this decade, this year two new robots may arrive to change your perception of what robots can do at home. The most expected one...
  • How to Listen to Apple Music on Speakers by Google
    • Dominic Hayes
    • Jan, 18 2022
    How to Listen to Apple Music on Speakers by Google Let’s imagine a situation where you live in two ecosystems at the same time. Your smart home is by Google, controlled by Nest speakers, but your computers and phones are by Apple, so your music streaming service is Apple Music, not YouTube Music. Great as it is, can it be used on Nest without extra tricks? Yes, it can, and here is how to activate it. Since recently, Apple Music is officially supported by Google smart speakers. To set it up, you will need a speaker connected to your home Wi-Fi and an iPhone/iPad in the same network, with Google Home...
  • Samsung Created Smart Home Controller
    • Louise Wells
    • Jan, 14 2022
    Samsung Created Smart Home Controller A smart home dashboard made by Samsung sounds like a great idea for Google or Apple. It is called SmartThing and it is a perfect controller for the smart home. Home Hub from Samsung has to be in the center of the house to control all the devices in the smart home. You don’t need to buy the smart fridge for $4,000 to use the controller. This software already has a pre-installed Bixby voice assistant that listens to your commands and sends them to the devices you need. The touch screen tablet is 8.4 inches with AI will help you to...
  • Google Smart Speakers Affected by Sonos Victory
    • Amelia Foster
    • Jan, 12 2022
    Google Smart Speakers Affected by Sonos Victory Now you need to adjust the volume on each speaker manually. After Sonos won the case and the US International Trade Commission, owners of Google smart speakers faced more changes. From now on, device users have to forget about the group volume controller. Instead, they need to adjust the volume of each speaker separately and by hand. There is no group volume controller anymore. Before Sonos won the case, users were able to navigate the volume of the speaker using the volume rocker on their phones. However, the option disappeared after the legal ruling. Once the rules came out on the...
  • The Sims 5: Coming Out in 2022?
    • Hannah Marsh
    • Jan, 06 2022
    The Sims 5: Coming Out in 2022? The Sims franchise has been dominating the niche of life simulator games for over 20 years already. Perhaps, that allowed EA and Maxis to slow down the pace of development and keep milking The Sims 4 for 8 years in a row. The current generation of the game includes 9 kits, 18 stuff packs, 11 expansion packs, 10 game packs. Besides, the modding community has generated thousands of free mods. So, yeah, The Sims 4 is still exciting to play, but we are all starving for a new generation with revamped graphics and gameplay. But Will it Come Out in 2022? The...
  • Russia Makes Streaming Apps Add Local Channels
    • John Day
    • Jan, 04 2022
    Russia Makes Streaming Apps Add Local Channels Russia is launching the second wave of requirements for foreign tech companies. This time, the country approved the law that requires foreign video streaming platforms to provide viewers with a selection of Russian federal TV channels. The law has been recently announced by Russia’s local regulator of communications Roscomnadzor and will come into force in March 2022. Add 20 Channels! According to the new law, all streaming platforms will be required to add 20 federal Russian TV channels to their platforms to stay available in the country. The list of channels includes a local news channel “Channel One,” an official channel of...
  • Samsung to Build a Smart Home Zone in Busan
    • Louise Wells
    • Dec, 30 2021
    Samsung to Build a Smart Home Zone in Busan South Korea is among the most technological countries in the world, and it proves it again. This week, the most famous Korean hi-tech vendor – Samsung – has demonstrated a pilot zone for its smart home cluster. To show the possibilities of its SmartThings system, Samsung has made a demonstration zone where one can see how home appliances by Samsung interact within SmartThings. This IoT complex solution works with refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum robots, counters, sensors, and whatever devices one might need at home. Not only does this system cover the home itself. It can also connect a nearby farm to check...
  • See Your Metaverse Version with Snapchat
    • Hannah Marsh
    • Dec, 28 2021
    See Your Metaverse Version with Snapchat Metaverse is probably the word of the year (and what Facebook gone Meta promises may be just the beginning). A virtual space that embraces all the aspects of our online existence is an incredibly fruitful idea. But what will we look like there? Snapchat probably has the answer, and with its new Avatar Lens we can see it today. As you get it and apply it to your face (or someone else’s), you will see a version of you that would fit well in the world of The Sims 4. The skin is unnaturally smooth, with no stains, acne, or scars....
  • Meet ‘Netflix Hub’ on Spotify
    • John Day
    • Dec, 24 2021
    Meet ‘Netflix Hub’ on Spotify Spotify music streaming platform has gained a big amount of listeners during the years of the pandemic. The service is pretty popular around the globe, and it has recently launched a new hub, which will present the users with the option to listen to all the official playlists, soundtracks, and podcasts from different Netflix shows. You can add the playlists from such shows as “Bridgerton” and “Money Heist” with the Netflix Hub, and there you can also find the official soundtrack from the recent hit “Squid Game”. Right now, this feature is available to all listeners, premium or free. If you are...