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  • American YouTube TV Users to Get Picture-in-Picture Mode on iOS
    • Amelia Foster
    • Apr, 04 2022
    American YouTube TV Users to Get Picture-in-Picture Mode on iOS YouTube TV gains more popularity among American users, but it used to lack one necessary feature for a TV app: picture-in-picture mode. Finally, YouTube introduces it on iPhone and iPad. Now you will be able to do whatever you want on your devices while keeping an eye on the TV when your favorite show is about to appear on air. Now, you just need to swipe up from the bottom as you’re watching YouTube TV in the dedicated app. As you do, the app shrinks to a small window, while your home screen remains available. Thus you can run any other...
  • Pixel Users Would Be Able to Leave Android Beta
    • Louise Wells
    • Mar, 30 2022
    Pixel Users Would Be Able to Leave Android Beta Google is going to give the new Pixel owners a chance to get rid of the beta Android program. It will happen in the future. Officials say it will take place somewhere in June. Many Pixel users were complaining about the Android beta program installed. It caused numerous problems and is still unstable in its work. This is why Google decided to open the opportunity to anyone who wants to use Android and to allow users to switch to the stable version. The situation appeared when Google released the Android 12 QPR3 beta version to all Pixel owners. Once users updated their...
  • Instagram Creates More Opportunities in Stories
    • John Day
    • Mar, 28 2022
    Instagram Creates More Opportunities in Stories According to the new information, the company is working hard to allow users to send voice messages to the Stories. If everything goes to plan, you will be able to answer the Stories you watched with the audio messages. The plan was revealed by Alessandro Paluzzi, a famous apps leaker, and investigator, this weekend. Instagram has just announced a new feature for Stories. Users can now exchange private likes with each other. However, Paluzzi believes that this is not the only feature connected to the Stories users will see in the future. According to him, the company works hard to provide...
  • New DLC Kit in Sims 4 Brings More Decorations
    • Louise Wells
    • Mar, 23 2022
    New DLC Kit in Sims 4 Brings More Decorations The new kit DLC is dedicated to your favorite job in The Sims, which is decorating. It is called “Décor to the Max.” The kit will be released on March 21. Electronic Arts together with Maxis announced the new DLC kit for Sims 4. It is going to arrive for the fans around the world. While Sims 4 already had numerous DLCs, fans are still excited to see something new. Developers continue to amaze them with more items, new events, advanced options. This time it is called “Décor to the Max” and is a dream come true for everyone who prefers...
  • YouTube Live Streams Receive More Tools
    • Hannah Marsh
    • Mar, 21 2022
    YouTube Live Streams Receive More Tools YouTube offers more tools to its content creators. They can now use these instruments to improve livestreams. The biggest streaming platform has introduced updates to the wide number of YouTube Live features. YouTube has recently extended the total number of tools available on its platform. One of the most awaited features became the ability to welcome guests in the live streams. Users can easily send links to each other to take part in the clip. Screen guests can also be welcomed before the stream. The information about the channel of the guest and the other info that identifies the guest can...
  • Meta Updates Its Guidelines to Ban Discriminatory Comments Against Russians
    • John Day
    • Mar, 16 2022
    Meta Updates Its Guidelines to Ban Discriminatory Comments Against Russians Facebook's parent company, Meta, announced on Sunday that it would be making its content moderation stricter for those in Ukraine in order to curb the inciting voices of those who are calling for the assassination of the Russian head of state. This new move comes after it was reported that Meta was allowing posts that called for the assassination of both the Russian and Belarusian presidents to stay up, albeit temporarily. Meta announced a temporary update to its content policy on Friday, but it was only for the region of Ukraine, and this update allows users to express their displeasure at Russia’s...
  • Clash Royale Is Planning an Extravagant Event to Commemorate Its Sixth Birthday
    • Dominic Hayes
    • Mar, 14 2022
    Clash Royale Is Planning an Extravagant Event to Commemorate Its Sixth Birthday Clash Royale, a famous game produced by Supercell, is celebrating its sixth anniversary, and the celebrations are expected to be wild. The event is called Royale Crown Down, and this year's celebration is expected to be the largest in the event's history. Unsurprisingly, it has been downloaded at least 1.4 billion times, with a comparable number of people actively playing the game.  The event will include 12 teams, each led by a well-known content producer and representing a different Clash Royale unit. Players can sign up for one of the 12 teams at any time. The Royale Crown Down event will begin...
  • Co-Founder of Next Level Games to Retire Soon
    • John Day
    • Mar, 09 2022
    Co-Founder of Next Level Games to Retire Soon Douglas Tronsgard, the president and ex-CEO of Next Level Games, is going to retire soon. During his tenure, the Nintendo-owned company has released popular games from franchises like Super Mario, Metroid, or Ticket to Ride. Now Tronsgard is going to retire, and not for any other company.  Next Level Games was founded in Vancouver back in 2002 and grew into a company from Canada’s Top 100 Employers. All this time Douglas Tronsgard, one of its founders, has been a key figure in its management. Since 2014, the company works exclusively with Nintendo as it was acquired by the Japanese company.  No wonder...
  • Instagram Introduces Automatic Captions to Videos
    • John Day
    • Mar, 07 2022
    Instagram Introduces Automatic Captions to Videos When you record a video, you may want to add the text you say to it as a caption. It takes time, though, and so you may feel like skipping this part. Then you’ll be glad to hear that Instagram will soon launch the auto-captions feature. Just say your words, speech recognition will do the rest.  The feature is available by default, so you don’t have to do anything at all to start making videos with automatic subtitles. It’s up to video creators whether they want to include the captions or not. Instagram notes that this move will make Instagram a...
  • Top 5 Smart Home Apps – Make Your Home Smarter
    • Amelia Foster
    • Mar, 07 2022
    Top 5 Smart Home Apps – Make Your Home Smarter Smart homes, which are homes with a large number of interconnected devices, can make life easier and more convenient for their inhabitants. Smart home devices can be controlled via a remote, app, voice assistant, or Wifi. However, the more devices that are connected, the more issues can arise. There are many apps that can be used to control a smart home, some of which are, myHome Plus App, Xfinity Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Smart Things App, and Nest.  To help you manage all your devices, I’ve prepared reviews of the 5 best smart home apps for you. is a...
  • Garena and BTS New Collaboration
    • Louise Wells
    • Mar, 02 2022
    Garena and BTS New Collaboration Garena Free Fire hopes to attract a bigger audience to their mobile game by collaborating with a Korean pop group. The new event takes place in March. Pop stars were named the ambassadors of the game around the world. Recently, Garena has shared the news on the new collaboration with BTS. The highly popular mobile game meets singers to promote them in other countries. The game reached 1 billion downloads only on Google Play back in July 2021. The collaboration will begin with the official event that will introduce new ambassadors for the game. There are no specific details about an...
  • Sims 4 New Extension Released
    • John Day
    • Feb, 28 2022
    Sims 4 New Extension Released The new extension pack is called My Wedding Stories. It is launched as part of The Sims 4. For now, EA did not release any patch notes. The Sims 4 new extension has already confused many players. The pack offers players the ability to celebrate being in love. It was released on February 23. The pack comes closer to Valentine’s Day. It was released on the original platforms where you play Sims, including Windows, macOS, Xbox One, and PS4. The patch was released at the very same time. The main problem is that there were patch notes which usually come with...