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  • Google Home 2.48 Allows Using iOS Phones as a Remote Control
    • Hannah Marsh
    • Feb, 23 2022
    Google Home 2.48 Allows Using iOS Phones as a Remote Control Following in the footsteps of Android, Google Home now made it possible for iOS devices to control Chromecast with Google TV. Additionally, the new 2.48 version has made several tweaks to the stats and graphs of Google Wifi. After you download the new update, it is important to ensure that your TV is turned on before you start the setup process. This will ensure that everything is properly installed and will work without a hitch. Once everything is properly installed, you should be able to see an ‘Open remote’ button appear when you tap the Home button. After that, you can...
  • Flick Stick and Gyro Controls are Coming to Fortnite
    • Dominic Hayes
    • Feb, 21 2022
    Flick Stick and Gyro Controls are Coming to Fortnite Anyone who’s using PS4, PS5, or PC will not be able to enjoy brand-new motion controls in Fortnite. Gyro controls are not something new. They have previously been implemented in Nintendo Switch and some Android games; however, these new gyro controls that are coming to PC and PS4/5 are a lot more robust and feature a new option of using a flick stick. When using gyro controls, you can turn your Fortnite camera by tilting your controller in various directions. This means that by combining regular stick aiming and camera tilting using your controller, you will be able to greatly improve your...
  • WhatsApp Gets an Updated Voice Calling Interface
    • Amelia Foster
    • Feb, 14 2022
    WhatsApp Gets an Updated Voice Calling Interface WhatsApp has been updating its features for quite a while now. Recently, the messaging platform has presented a new updated voice calling interface to its users. The feature is still in beta testing, and in addition, the screen for ban reviews for users will become more easy to use. The chosen color pallets are also about to get reworked to dynamically change on your phone. The update was spotted by some Android users for beta and The first reports of a new interface have been seen in December of 2021. The company has stated that a reworked look will...
  • Video Playbacks on Twitter Will Become More Comfortable
    • John Day
    • Feb, 12 2022
    Video Playbacks on Twitter Will Become More Comfortable Twitter will get a new update that can make your experience on the app much more comfortable. The feature is currently in beta-testing for Android and Web users, and soon enough, it will roll out on iOS devices. Now, users can enjoy using playback speed for videos in 2x, 1x, and 0,5x. The company has announced on its official account exciting news. Active Twitter users are really glad to see the update coming to the app, as it might change the in-app experience completely. The platform will allow you to slow down or speed up both videos and voice Tweets, so you...
  • The Drop of Interest Reaches Halo Infinite
    • Hannah Marsh
    • Feb, 09 2022
    The Drop of Interest Reaches Halo Infinite Halo Infinite has launched its online mode only three months ago, and it already surprises all users with intriguing statistics. Upon analyzing the information from Steam Database we can see that the game managed to lose 90% of its players. The highest activity record was set during its premiere and reached around 272,000 people. Right now, the game has 28,668 active players at best. A lot of sources decided that such a drop signifies the game’s multiple downsides. Although in this case, Steam data is not the main criteria that should be looked at. Halo Infinite was also released on Xbox...
  • Expected Growth in Health and Fitness Apps in 2022
    • Amelia Foster
    • Feb, 07 2022
    Expected Growth in Health and Fitness Apps in 2022 The pandemic hit all of us physically and mentally back in 2020; it was hard to keep up with the world and stay healthy. Then Health and Fitness apps saw enormous growth in interest, along with downloads jump. Users were ready to spend more time and money to be fit in the terms of quarantine. The curve kept growing till 2021, training apps saw their rise and reached over 290 million downloads, which is up 14% since 2019. This interest in Health and Fitness category was born from people locked up at home and being restless to do something. During the...
  • Spotify to Add Content Advisory on COVID-19-related Podcasts
    • Amelia Foster
    • Feb, 02 2022
    Spotify to Add Content Advisory on COVID-19-related Podcasts Spotify promised to add content advisory to all the podcast episodes that touch the topic of COVID-19. This update will roll out very soon and help fight the pandemic misinformation on the platform. Read on for details.  First of Its Kind As Spotify Chief Executive Officer Daniel Ek says, the content advisory feature on Spotify podcasts is the first of its kind in the niche of large-scale podcast platforms. The misinformation problem in podcasts even attracted UK’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who joined Spotify with their Archwell foundation to help eliminate COVID-19 misinformation.  After the update, all the podcast episodes that...
  • Tata Sky Binge+ to Get Netflix Access
    • Dominic Hayes
    • Jan, 31 2022
    Tata Sky Binge+ to Get Netflix Access The latest Tata Sky Binge+ user reports indicate that India’s leading Android TV set-top box is getting a new software version that includes a pre-installed Netflix app. After the update, users will be able to stream not only a limited collection of Netflix titles but the full library of shows.  At Last, It’s For Everyone Tata already had an agreement with Netflix in 2018 to stream some of the popular shows by the content provider over the OTT (over-the-top) platform. Now Netflix is provided through a DTH (direct-to-home) platform to let users access the full content library via the official Netflix app....
  • SmartThings Receives Demand Response Option
    • Dominic Hayes
    • Jan, 26 2022
    SmartThings Receives Demand Response Option Samsung’s service SmartThings is a popular smart home solution that now receives new features. Users of the app can enter the utility integration portfolio and programs by using SmartThings Energy. The new offer is made by Enersponse, a California-based company of energy management. Enersponse proposed to open the demand response option for every homeowner and all users of small energy who live in the US. This company is focused mainly on B2B, collaboration with Samsung offers more opportunities, including access to the new audience. Meanwhile, smart hope app users receive new unique features. Since there is no exact data on the amount...
  • Netflix Releases More Games on Android and iOS
    • Louise Wells
    • Jan, 24 2022
    Netflix Releases More Games on Android and iOS Netflix reveals two more games coming to its gaming service. Android and iOS mobile platform owners can enjoy them already. Netflix users around the world can check the gaming service on their phones. Last year Netflix released a new service with games for its subscribers. Everyone with an iOS or Android mobile platform could join it. The first games that became available there were two Stranger Things-based and several casuals. Right now two more games are coming. Players will be able to play Arcanium: Rise of Akhan, which is a card strategy game. It is a single-player open-world. Created by Rogue Games...
  • Smart Home: Trends and Ideas of 2022
    • John Day
    • Jan, 20 2022
    Smart Home: Trends and Ideas of 2022 There is no doubt our homes are getting smarter each year. But slow evolution still did not show that killer feature for a smart home. Let’s not go far: in many households, vacuum robots are completely standalone units, not even controlled by phones! In 2022, though, trends are already seen that may change the situation for the better. That is, for the smarter. Robots: Not Only Vacuums While cleaning floors remained the number one priority for home robots this decade, this year two new robots may arrive to change your perception of what robots can do at home. The most expected one...
  • How to Listen to Apple Music on Speakers by Google
    • Dominic Hayes
    • Jan, 18 2022
    How to Listen to Apple Music on Speakers by Google Let’s imagine a situation where you live in two ecosystems at the same time. Your smart home is by Google, controlled by Nest speakers, but your computers and phones are by Apple, so your music streaming service is Apple Music, not YouTube Music. Great as it is, can it be used on Nest without extra tricks? Yes, it can, and here is how to activate it. Since recently, Apple Music is officially supported by Google smart speakers. To set it up, you will need a speaker connected to your home Wi-Fi and an iPhone/iPad in the same network, with Google Home...