Dowload Amazing Frog? is a puzzle-based video game that was developed by D Bedrock and published by D Bedrock. The game was first released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986.

In the Amazing Frog? video game, the player controls a frog on a lily pad who must eat all the bugs he can find in order to survive. These bugs are scattered all over the screen and the player must tap the screen in order to make the frog jump. The player can use three lives, and if the player loses all their lives, the game is over.


Instal Amazing Frog? The player is represented by the frog, which has to eat flies to survive. The frog can swim in ponds, but can only jump on dry land. The frog has to eat flies to grow, and must jump on anvils to destroy them. The game has different modes, including "Anvil-Athon", "Test of Strength" and "Race Against Time".

The player starts the game with three lives and must eat the bugs scattered all over the screen in order to survive.


The graphics are very simple. The player can choose between a black-and-white or a color mode. The graphics in the game are cartoonish and colorful.


The game is controlled with the D-pad, and uses two buttons: one to jump, the other to speed up the frog's movement.

The player can control the frog by tapping on the screen. If the player does not tap the screen in time, the frog will fall into the water and lose a life.


The game has a high replayability, due to the different modes and the various difficulty levels. The game is very challenging, and the player will continue playing the game to beat their high score.


Amazing Frog? is a classic video game that features very simple gameplay and graphics, but is highly replayable. The game is very challenging, and the player will continue playing the game to beat their high score.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who made Amazing Frog?
    The game was developed by the Fayju studio. It was released in 2014 and hasn't got any updates since that time. Also, it’s the only game launched by Fayju, and it’s not known why the gaming studio doesn’t work on other games.
  • Which platforms is Amazing Frog available on?
    You can install this game on Windows, Linux, and Mac. It’s great that Amazing Frog is available for the most popular operating systems on PC, but there is currently no version for Xbox or PS.
  • Where can I get the Amazing Frog download?
    It can be installed on Steam, as well as other PC games. The game is quite large, so it requires a lot of memory to download, which is about 16 GB for Windows.
  • When was Amazing Frog made?
    This game appeared on the market in 2014. The developers haven't released other versions since that time. It doesn’t seem that the game will have any updates, but it remains popular.
  • Is the Amazing Frog Nintendo Switch download already available?
    No, the game is not available for Nintendo. It’s still quite exciting to play it on PC, so if you wonder whether it will be interesting or not, you should definitely try it.
  • Is Amazing Frog free?
    The game costs $239 on Steam. It’s a large game with many features, so it’s doubtful that a free version will appear in the future.
  • Will Amazing Frog come to Xbox?
    The developers haven’t announced anything about the game for Xbox or PS. It was released quite a long time ago, so it’s hard to say whether it might appear on other platforms too.
  • Can you play the Amazing Frog game online?
    The game is not available for playing online. It has a big map and many characters, so it would be difficult to make an online version.
  • Why is Amazing Frog lagging?
    There are some modes with more bugs than others. In this case, you can try decreasing quality and resolution as well as drawing distance in the settings. You may also try to ride only standard cars. Usually, the bugs disappear when you restart the game.