Among Us is a new indie horror game that was released on October 5th, 2018. The game has been praised by many critics for its gameplay and graphics. Among Us is available on Steam for $14.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play Among Us for free?
    No, there is no free-to-play version. This game is delivered as pay-to-play only. You can buy one of the three available packages: Imposter with one key to sabotage the rest, Half crew package to build half a crew, and the Full crew package.
  • What types of devices can I use to play Among Us?
    This game is available for PC, consoles, mobile iOS, and Android devices. You can find the link to the distribution files on the developer’s official website.
  • Is there any trial Among Us version?
    No, there is no demo mode, meaning you need to pay before you are to play. There is a trailer showing the basics of the gameplay, which may allow you to understand whether this game is interesting to you. Players can also read a review on our website.
  • Is Among Us a full game?
    Yes, the game was released in 2018 for Windows and mobile devices and in 2020 for consoles like PS, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. The latest version of it came out in April 2021. It means if you buy the game currently, you get access to all the features without any limitations.
  • What are the minimum system requirements for Among Us?
    To play this game, you need to have at least 1GB RAM and 250 MB of free available space on your hard drive. There are no GPU requirements as the graphics are very simple.
  • Can I download Among Us from torrents?
    There are probably torrent files for Among Us, but we do not recommend downloading them for two reasons: they may contain viruses, and the game may be unstable.
  • Can I play Among Us online?
    Yes, this is an online game only. There is no single-player campaign here. Depending on the side you choose, you will collaborate with your teammates to protect the ship or sabotage the operation by killing the others or damaging the base.
  • Can I get this game on Steam?
    Yes, Among Us is available for Steam marketplace users. You can also buy it from the Epic website. The game is also available on the Playstation and Microsoft online stores.
  • Is there a possibility to use gamepads there?
    Yes, console users can enjoy the game with their gamepads. Moreover, if you have a gamepad for your PC, you can also plug it in and use it.
  • How can I get updates to Among Us?
    All updates are downloaded automatically once they are released.