Angry Birds Dream Blast is a game that's based on the Angry Birds game. It's basically the same game except that it's about solving puzzles.


The game has two game modes. The first game mode is the Puzzle Mode. You'll have to complete levels by matching pairs of birds. You'll have to use the touch screen to tap the birds to make them fly. The birds will fall down and will bounce off the walls. Your goal is to get the birds to the basket. 

The second game mode is the Arcade mode. You'll need to collect stars by matching pairs of birds. You can also earn one star for each level you pass. To earn a high score, you'll have to match as many pairs of birds as you can.


Angry Birds Dream Blast graphics are very nice. They are not overly complex but they have a lot of details. Graphics are cartoonish and remind of the older Angry Birds games.


Angry Birds Dream Blast replayability is quite good. The game has some levels that can be challenging to master. Some levels can be challenging to master even after a couple of attempts. The game has 3 different gameplay modes. Each of them can be challenging to master. You can play the game for hours.


Angry Birds Dream Blast controls are very easy and very simple. This game/app is compatible in almost all devices and it is very simple and easy to play. You can play this game with your mouse and keyboard or using touchscreen controls.


Angry Birds Dream Blast is a game/app that is very easy to play. The game has good graphics and good controls. The game/app is challenging and fun to play. Angry Birds Dream Blast is a game that you should play if you’re a fan of Angry Birds games series.