Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a unique combination of a 3D platformer and battle royale by Mediatonic and Devolver Digital. Here you can hop into crazy 60-player runs and try to knock out as many players as possible without being knocked out first. The thing is extremely challenging and hilarious at the same time! You can join in if you have a PC, PS4, Xbox One or Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, or an Android device. 

Gameplay – 5/5

If you’ve been looking for a perfect party game to enjoy with your friends, Fall Guys is probably your best bet. As it’s a 3D platform game, you can quickly catch the simple mechanics and feel competitive enough without training. All you need to do is go through the obstacles and avoid being knocked out from the track. What makes the game unique and challenging is that up to 60 players can spawn on the same track and cause insane mayhem. Every track is split into subsequent levels that include various mini-games. You have to complete them in time in order to move to the next level. Everyone who fails to do so is disqualified. While your main aim is to outrun other players, you’re not actually supposed to stay forward all the time. The game lets you implement various tricky strategies and jump from the tale to the head of the crowd when the route becomes clear enough. Just don’t be the last per round and keep power to unleash it in the final level. 

Graphics – 4/5

As the most indie games out there, Fall Guys is powered by the Unity engine. The game is bright, colorful, and features funny character designs. You can customize your character as well. The best part of the visuals is the jelly physics of the characters. It makes everything look hilarious and all the collisions so alive! The system requirements are medium, so the game always performs makes it on high FPS in the multiplayer. 

Replay Value – 5/5

Like any other battle royale game, Fall Guys is highly replayable. Developers seem to know well how to make us feel insanely competitive and play level by level to prove to everyone that we can finish first! We guarantee that you will wish to return to the game to test your skill over and over. It’s highly immersive, especially if you call your friends to play along. Fortunately, the game is supported by all major platforms. 

Controls – 4/5

Get ready to be a bit confused when you first enter the game. The characters are pretty clumsy and require some knack to be controlled, but you will get used in a few minutes. All their clumsiness makes Fall Guys feel as it should. Remember that all other players are challenged as well and use this to your advantage.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently the best party game you can find for your PC or console. It offers so many opportunities to have fun that you will wish to return over and over at least to see what’s new out there! We recommend the game for all kinds of offline and online parties as well as for solo entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I download Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for free?
    No, there is no free-to-play version. This game is distributed via various marketplaces, including Steam, PlayStation, and Microsoft Stores.
  • Is this game a full version?
    Yes, the official release took place in 2020 for PC and PS4. Currently, gamers can benefit from the full version of the game. Nintendo Switch and Xbox users will be able to play it from summer 2021.
  • Can I download Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for my mobile device?
    No, unfortunately, there is no mobile version of the game. This product is available for PCs and consoles only. Developers have no plans to release Android or iOS-based game versions.
  • Do I have to buy game updates?
    No, you don’t need to buy them. Once they are released, they will be downloaded and installed automatically. There is no additional content to buy currently.
  • Can I play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for free?
    Yes, this is an online game where you can compete with other rivals via the Internet. There is no single-player campaign here. In some rounds, you will have to team up with the others to complete various missions.
  • What are the minimum Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout system requirements?
    To play this game, you need to have Intel i5 Core and 4GB RAM at least. As for the video card, it is recommended to launch the game on Nvidia GTX 660 or above.
  • Can I download Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout from Torrents?
    We don’t have exact information about the existence of the torrent file with this game. Even if you find one, we do not recommend downloading it as it may contain malicious software. There is no guarantee that the game will be stable if you install it from torrents.
  • I don’t have a gamepad. Should I buy it to play?
    No, you don’t need to purchase this type of controller to play the game. You can use mouse/keyboard combinations instead.
  • Can I try this game before buying it?
    No, there is no trial version of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. You need to purchase the full version to play. If you have doubts on whether you will like this game, you can read our review or watch video content of their official website. There are also Twitch broadcasts that will allow you to see all the benefits of the gameplay.
  • Are there any mods available?
    No, there are no mods currently. However, they may appear in the future. Follow the developer news to learn about the latest game updates.