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  • These Stats Might Debunk the Apple Stickiness Myth
    • Hannah Marsh
    • Aug, 27 2021
    These Stats Might Debunk the Apple Stickiness Myth With its appealing software and services ecosystem, iPhone has cemented itself as a solid gateway to other Apple devices. This ‘romance’, however, is rather short-lived, according to recent reports. Based on the latest Consumer Intelligence Research Partners’ study, iPhone owners happily purchase iPads and iPhone accessories, such as Apple Watches and the iconic wireless headsets. However, the company’s success in converting users on Mac, HomePod, and Apple TV is rather ephemeral. Keep reading for more details on the topic. The research company studied over 800 Apple device users in the United States who purchased an iPhone in a one-year period before...
  • Tips on Google Home Improvements
    • John Day
    • Aug, 25 2021
    Tips on Google Home Improvements Google Home is much more than a bunch of hilarious and not quite so jokes. After you play with a newly bought device, you can finally concentrate on the features that might be helpful. Google Assistant dwells in numerous devices and is always ready at your service. Smart home devices not only ask your family to come to join you for dinner but also provide a wide range of smart tasks. Beneficial Features of Google Home Here is a brief list of everything you can try with your new assistant. With a standard lights switching-on function that is usually the most popular...
  • Smart Home Unification Standard Is Delayed
    • Hannah Marsh
    • Aug, 20 2021
    Smart Home Unification Standard Is Delayed At least until 2022, you will not be able to use Matter, the unification standard for smart homes. Its release is currently postponed. The new standard has a noble goal, which is to solve the huge problem of smart homes by making all the services compatible with each other. The developers plan to release the program by the end of 2021. It was the CEO of the Connectivity Standard Alliance, Tobin Richardson, who confirmed the new information to the press. Since the CSA is one of the main supporters of the Matter, there is no doubt the news is real. It...
  • Apple TV Offers Movies with No Sound. And Often No Refund
    • Amelia Foster
    • Aug, 06 2021
    Apple TV Offers Movies with No Sound. And Often No Refund Since July 2021, many Apple TV users complain that some movies they rent or purchase come without audio at all. This issue is not common enough for everyone to panic, though it’s referenced quite frequently. And you may find out that the next movie you rent or buy is as silent as in the 1920s. The issue is not platform-specific. It is reported on any hardware platform that supports Apple TV, be it native ones by the vendor (Apple TV, iOS, or Macs) or third-party ones (Roku, Chromecast, and so on). Neither is the issue connected to certain titles: the same...
  • Xbox Game Pass Gets Android TV/ Google TV Support
    • Dominic Hayes
    • Aug, 02 2021
    Xbox Game Pass Gets Android TV/ Google TV Support Android and Google TV have never been a priority for Xbox Game Pass, but now it may change. A slight sign of things to come is already noticeable. But to witness this, one has to be a real exploration freak to try things that seem meaningless – like install the Xbox app on unsupported devices. And sometimes, it leads to surprising discoveries. While Google TV supports installing apps from third-party sources (like Android does in general), the app has to carry special code fragments to be recognized as compatible and appear on the home screen. Otherwise, users have to access it...
  • Nokia: Connecting Devices Too
    • Dominic Hayes
    • Aug, 01 2021
    Nokia: Connecting Devices Too Smart light bulbs are more of a thing each year. But what shall you do if you want your lamps smart but see no reason to ditch your existing ones? Nokia has an answer. Its first effort about smart homes is rather surprising: instead of “just smart” light devices, it makes brains for already existing ones. In collaboration with SmartLabs (California), the Finnish brand has offered its own view on smart lighting. Unlike Philips or Xiaomi, Nokia does not have only a smart bulb in this portfolio. Instead, it offers external control devices like dimmers, switches, or sockets. All of these...
  • Google TV for Android: More Streaming, More Searching
    • Amelia Foster
    • Jul, 29 2021
    Google TV for Android: More Streaming, More Searching With Google Chromecast, every TV went smart. Then Google TV went mobile. The app (previously known as Google Play Movies & TV) is now transforming into the ultimate streaming service for Android users. At least, Google wants so. Some discovery features were previously available on Chromecast only, and it made sense: it has more rows of recommendations, easier to browse through on a TV screen than on a mobile. The “watched” tool also made sense, as you could start watching a movie or an episode on a smartphone just to add it to that list and access it from TV. Now...
  • How to Watch Olympics Opening on Your Devices
    • Hannah Marsh
    • Jul, 21 2021
    How to Watch Olympics Opening on Your Devices The Tokyo Olympics start on Friday, July 23. They will be broadcasted by the USA network, NBC, Peacock, and CNBC. Many users asked whether it will be possible to watch the games on iPhone or Mac. You can easily watch the ceremony and the games on any device, including the web, Mac, iPhone, and even Apple TV. There had been many obstacles before the Olympic Games, which were to be held in 2020. Yet, after a year of lockdown, the Tokyo Olympic Games started on July 20. The opening ceremony takes place on July 23. After the ceremony, you will be...
  • Deezer Users Can Stream Music via Google Assistant
    • John Day
    • Jul, 19 2021
    Deezer Users Can Stream Music via Google Assistant French music streaming program Deezer shared the good news with its users. They offered all owners of free accounts to use Google Assistant speakers for streaming music. This feature is useful for everyone who has Nest Home or Google Home devices. You don’t have to pay for a subscription to use this option. With Google Assistant, users receive its third-party speakers in the package. They are built-in services you can use to stream music. According to Deezer’s latest announcement, you can play the Flow on Google Assistant once everything is set up. Users can search for different artists or open playlists....
  • Apple Changes The Latest Controversial Safari Update
    • Hannah Marsh
    • Jul, 18 2021
    Apple Changes The Latest Controversial Safari Update Apple revealed a bunch of software updates for its entire ecosystem during the latest WWDC event. Users have enjoyed many of the newly introduced features, including the new Focus tools and a long-awaited option to share video content on FaceTime. However, there was a reason for a wave of criticism as well. Let’s see what went wrong. The Broken Safari Experience Safari, the favorite macOS and iOS users’ web browser received, the fully renovated design, and most users disliked it very much. First of all, the new browser has all the tabs, buttons, and web address bar at the bottom. Obviously, Apple...
  • Apple TV+ starts a deal with Hyperobject
    • John Day
    • Jul, 16 2021
    Apple TV+ starts a deal with Hyperobject Hyperobject Industries and Apple TV+ officially confirmed signing a multi-year feature film contract. The contract is a part of the long-term initiative of Apple’s streaming platform to find new exclusive content deals with hitmaking and promising studios. The software giant says that it prefers quality over quantity, so we should wait for a groundbreaking lineup of shows. McKay’s Hyperobject Adam McKay is an already famous figure in the movie-making industry. He was the first head writer for the SNL TV show and has several big awards in his portfolio. He’s also recognized for his works with Will Ferrel, including the successful sports...
  • WhatsApp Gets Plastic Surgery?
    • Louise Wells
    • Jul, 11 2021
    WhatsApp Gets Plastic Surgery? The world’s #1 messenger is about to have its looks changed. As the app’s beta version for iOS and Android displays, WhatsApp looks will be refreshed in the nearest future. First, the app is saying adios to the lines that separate chats, it seems. While some may appreciate it for giving the GUI a smoother vibe, others will dislike a less laconic and more blurred structure. Then, certain elements will be enlarged, while others will appear smaller in size. For instance, beta demonstrates that profile photos in the chat will become somewhat smaller.  The upcoming update isn’t about cosmetics only, though. Among functionality...