Hello Neighbor is a puzzle game about stealth and investigation in which you explore your neighbor's home. The game has been out for about a year now.


The player explores the house in a first-person view, gathering tools and information about the rooms and the family living in the house. The goal is to find the Neighbor's secret room. The family that lives in the house is always in the house, so it is important to not be seen by them. The player can start by going into the backyard and entering the house through the garden. The player can pick up items that are lying around the house, like a hammer, and use them to explore and solve puzzles.


The graphics are pixelated, making the game look like an old 8-bit game.

Information about replayability of Hello Neighbor

The game is interesting and fun to play when it is the first time. However, once the player has solved the puzzles and knows the house well, the game becomes repetitive and boring.


In conclusion, Hello Neighbor is a good puzzle game that is worth playing.