Hello Neighbor is a puzzle game about stealth and investigation in which you explore your neighbor's home. The game has been out for about a year now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I download Hello Neighbour for free?
    No, this is a pay-to-play game, meaning you need to buy it before installing the game on your device. Before buying the product, you can choose one of three packages. The basic includes the game only. In other packages, you can enjoy an artbook and fan soundtrack.
  • What types of devices is this game developed for?
    Hello Neighbour can be launched on PCs, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, as well as Android and iOS. To start downloading, you can visit the official website and buy the game there. Once this step is completed, you can get access to the downloading links.
  • Is there any trial version of Hello Neighbour available?
    Yes, you can download the free alpha demo from their official website. Additionally, to make sure you will like it, you can read our review of the game and watch media content. There is also some video content and screenshots on their official website.
  • What is the current state of the game?
    Hello Neighbour is distributed as a full game currently. The release of the product took place in 2017. The Alpha version of the game was released in 2015. After two years of testing, the game finally came out. You can download it now without any limitations.
  • Can I play Hello Neighbour online?
    No, unfortunately, there is no multiplayer mode in the game. However, the best part of it is that the AI is constantly learning, meaning the more you play, the more smart and powerful your artificial intellect opponent will be.
  • Is there any opportunity to download Hello Neighbour from torrents for free?
    We don’t know exactly if there is any torrent file of this game. However, even if you find it, bear in mind that torrent may include harmful software along with the game. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the product will be stable.
  • What are the Hello Neighbour system requirements?
    To play this game, you need to have at least 8GB of RAM. As for GPU, it is recommended to use Nvidia GeForce GT 770 or higher. CPU should be i5 Core at least.
  • How can I get updates for Hello Neighbour?
    If you have bought the game, all the updates will be distributed for free. Once the update is ready, it will be downloaded automatically.
  • Can I launch this game on mac?
    No, according to the official website, there is no macOS Hello Neighbour version.
  • Is there any Steam version available?
    Yes, you can purchase the game via Steam and download it to your Steam profile later.