In 2009, Markus Persson, also known as Notch, created a game called Minecraft. Minecraft is an open-world game that has no specific goals and allows for players to do what they want. The game is made up of blocks that can be mined and placed to form different structures. The player can be in any location without any time limit. The player is free to explore the map, collect items, mine, or explore.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I download Minecraft?
    You can get this game via the official website. Choose the device you want to play it and the OS your platform is based on. Next, you need to make a choice between the two versions of the game – Java or Windows 10. Finally, you can select a basic or full collection of items and buy them.
  • Can I play Minecraft for free?
    No, there is no free-to-play version of the game. To enjoy this product, you need to buy it first via the official website. However, if you have bought the basic version, you will get all further updates for free.
  • What type of devices can I use to play it?
    Minecraft is available on various modern devices such as PCs (both Windows and macOS), consoles, smartphones, tablets, and even Oculus. When buying this game, you need to select your type of device and start downloading.
  • What are the system requirements to play Minecraft?
    You need 4GB of RAM at least and an ARM x64 or x86 platform. Minimum system requirements allow you to play the game using an integrated Intel HD 4000 GPU. However, if you want better video performance, you need GeForce 940 M or Radeon 8570D at least.
  • Can I get Minecraft via torrents?
    We don’t know exactly whether there are torrents with this game. However, even if you find one, it is not safe to download as torrent files may contain viruses or other malicious software inside. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the version of the game that you download this way will be stable.
  • Is the current version of Minecraft a full game?
    Yes, the official release of this product took place in 2011. Since then, all versions are available, and they are not in alpha or beta testing mode. Once you buy this product, you get access to all the features your version offers.
  • Is there a demo version of Minecraft?
    Yes, there is a free trial version of this game that is available for Windows 10, Android, Playstation 4/Playstation 3, and Vita. You can get it on the official website by clicking the appropriate link button.
  • How can I get Minecraft updates?
    They are distributed for free once they appear. You don’t need to pay for the updates as they are already included in the total price of the game.
  • Can I play Minecraft online?
    Yes, this game has both single-player and multiplayer modes. The latter is available via the Internet, local network, and even split-screen. Players can launch their own servers or join those created by the others.
  • Can I use controllers to play Minecraft?
    Yes, you can use controllers when playing this game via various consoles. Moreover, if you plug in a gamepad to your PC, you can use it for your Windows, macOS, or Linux-based devices.