Poppy Playtime is a puzzle adventure game with horror elements, where the player finds himself in an abandoned toy factory and has to survive among the local vengeful plush creatures. 

It requires solving puzzles, exploring the building, and using various mechanics. Poppy Playtime's colorful, cheerful, and easy to learn, but it can also be challenging enough to hold your attention.


In the game, you, a former employee of a megacorporation, return to the toy factory years after the fact. Your own devices and tools help you pull knobs and levers, string the cords through which you have to go, and do many other things necessary to survive in a sinister place. 

As you go further into the hallways and offices of Playtime, you'll notice a sentry named Huggy Wuggy. He looks like a huge nightmare with a friendly smile, chasing the protagonist through the corridors and ready to unleash a whole load of terrifying screams. 

The puzzles are relatively easy to understand but can be tricky to solve, and there are plenty of them to keep you occupied. The controls are simple—just use the arrow keys to move the cursor and click to select objects—and the graphics are attractive and colorful.


The graphics in Poppy Playtime are very good. The textures are high-resolution, and the lighting is used to great effect, casting eerie shadows in the right places. The character models are all well-made and nicely animated, and the plush creatures are genuinely unsettling.

The graphics in Poppy Playtime are bright and cheerful, with a cartoony style that will appeal to younger players. Everything is nicely animated, and the attention to detail is impressive.


The controls in Poppy Playtime are both simple and effective. The keyboard controls are very easy to learn and use, while the controller controls are a bit more complicated, but still easy to use. All of the controls are responsive and work well. The cursor moves smoothly, and clicking on objects is responsive.

The controls in Poppy Playtime feel very smooth and responsive. Poppy moves and jumps exactly as you would expect, and the game’s physics are well implemented. The game can be controlled by both keyboard and mouse and joystick.


The game is relatively short, but it’s fun enough that it’s worth playing through more than once. The puzzles are well designed and not too challenging, so it’s a good game for younger players.

Poppy Playtime is a fairly short game, but it does offer some replay value in the form of secret areas and collectibles. The puzzles are generally not too difficult, but there are a few that can give you some trouble.


Poppy Playtime is an enjoyable puzzle game with beautiful graphics and easy-to-learn controls. It’s a good game for younger players, and it’s sure to provide plenty of enjoyment for gamers of all ages.