My Singing Monsters is an imaginative mobile game that has taken the app store by storm with its unique blend of music, art, and gameplay. Developed and published by Big Blue Bubble, the game lets players collect, breed, and feed adorable animated monsters. But these aren't your usual fire-breathing, city-destroying beasts. These are charming creatures with a knack for music, each offering its unique song or rhythm, adding to an orchestra of harmonic melodies on fantastical islands. As you progress, each freshly incubated creature brings a new note, creating an ever-evolving symphony of monstrous proportions. At its core, it’s a world-building game, a collecting game, and a monster-raising game combined into one audibly pleasing package.

Gameplay and Features

One cannot fully appreciate the allure of My Singing Monsters without diving into the heart of its gameplay and features. Each player starts with an empty island and a mission to populate it with a variety of singing monsters.

Acquiring monsters is a simple enough process. It can either be done through direct purchase using the game currency or by breeding two different monsters to create a new one. The breeding process includes elements of surprise since the offspring can vary depending on the parents. It should be noted the real charm lies in the diverse collection of robust and quirky characters that range from big, furry mammoths that play the bass line to effervescent blobs who hum in harmony.

Each monster comes with its unique tune, beat, or sound, and when placed together on an island, they harmonize to create a burgeoning symphony of monstrous melodies. The player can arrange and rearrange the monsters on the island to affect the composition and create a personalized Monster Orchestra.

The game also includes other unique gameplay elements, like decorating your island, exploring the continent, and visiting friends' islands. Moreover, there’s a constant sense of progress, with new monsters to breed, eggs to incubate, monsters to feed, and upgrades to buy.

Symphony of Uniqueness in the Gaming Market

One of the distinguishable features of My Singing Monsters is its incorporation of music into the core gameplay. In contrast to many other collecting or world-building games, the monsters you gather in this game don't just sit idly or perform standard actions. Each monster contributes to an expanding, harmonious tune that changes and evolves as your collection grows. This is a far cry from games like Pokemon Go, where the collectibles serve solely as combatants, or Hay Day, where you collect and raise farm animals for production.

Another differentiation is the hands-on involvement in ecosystem creation. Comparable apps such as Dragon City or Cookie Jam primarily focus on collecting and leveling up. However, My Singing Monsters allows players a more immersive experience by granting the creative liberty to direct the musical symphony by strategically arranging the monsters. This extends the gameplay beyond mere collection and engrosses the player in the continuous ornamentation of their island.


Despite its captivating concept and charming execution, My Singing Monsters is not immune to drawbacks. The primary one is the game’s progression system, which can sometimes feel slow unless players are willing to make in-app purchases. The currency system might seem overly complicated to some, with too many kinds of currency. Also, some players have complained about repetitive gameplay as the game heavily relies on the 'tap and wait' mechanic.


Players of My Singing Monsters typically become captivated by the colorful artwork, humorous animations, and the delightful symphony of their monstrous creations. The game's innovative take on the monster-collecting genre has been widely praised. Regular updates, seasonal events, and the steady addition of new monsters keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. Even with its flaws, many players overlook them in favor of the overall enjoyable and creative experience.

Whether you're a fan of simulation games, a devoted music enthusiast, or someone who merely enjoys good, creative fun, My Singing Monsters offers a whimsical world of rhythmic beauty that can entertain players of all ages.