My Singing Monsters is an imaginative mobile game that has taken the app store by storm with its unique blend of music, art, and gameplay. Developed and published by Big Blue Bubble, the game lets players collect, breed, and feed adorable animated monsters. But these aren't your usual fire-breathing, city-destroying beasts. These are charming creatures with a knack for music, each offering its unique song or rhythm, adding to an orchestra of harmonic melodies on fantastical islands. As you progress, each freshly incubated creature brings a new note, creating an ever-evolving symphony of monstrous proportions. At its core, it’s a world-building game, a collecting game, and a monster-raising game combined into one audibly pleasing package.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I breed new monsters in My Singing Monsters?
    Breeding new monsters involves selecting two different types of monsters and pairing them. The combination of monsters you choose will determine what new monster is produced. Some monsters require specific combinations, so experimentation is key.
  • How can I earn more coins in the game?
    You can earn more coins by leveling up your monsters, creating new structures, and completing challenges. Additionally, the more monsters you have on an island, the more coins you can collect.
  • How do I visit other players' islands?
    You can visit other players' islands by using the "Friends" feature. Enter the friend code of the player you want to visit, and you'll be able to see their islands and give them likes.
  • What does feeding monsters do?
    Feeding your monsters helps them level up. As they level up, they will produce more coins and their song will become richer.
  • Can I transfer my game progress to a new device?
    Yes, you can transfer your game progress by connecting your game to your Big Blue Bubble account or your Facebook account. Then, simply log into the same account on your new device.
  • How do I get more diamonds?
    Diamonds can be earned through in-game challenges, leveling up, and daily rewards. You can also purchase them through in-app purchases.
  • What are the Wublins?
    Wublins are special monsters that can only be obtained by waking them. You need to collect specific eggs within a certain time limit to wake them up and add them to your collection.
  • How do I unlock new islands?
    New islands can be unlocked by reaching certain levels in the game or by purchasing them with diamonds.
  • What is the purpose of the Market?
    The Market is where you can purchase new monsters, decorations, and structures for your islands. It's an essential part of expanding and customizing your islands.
  • What are the Rare Monsters?
    Rare Monsters are unique versions of existing monsters with different appearances and songs. They are harder to breed and are only available during special events.