Poppy Playtime is a puzzle adventure game with horror elements, where the player finds himself in an abandoned toy factory and has to survive among the local vengeful plush creatures. 

It requires solving puzzles, exploring the building, and using various mechanics. Poppy Playtime's colorful, cheerful, and easy to learn, but it can also be challenging enough to hold your attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Poppy Playtime?
    It is one of the latest horror games that was released in October 2021. The second chapter of the game will appear at the beginning of 2022. This is a survival game, where you need to solve puzzles and run from the monsters.
  • Where to launch Poppy Playtime download?
    There is no official website of the game where you can get it. Poppy Playtime is available on Steam. It’s not a free game, and it also requires Windows 10 and 64-bit operating systems for installation.
  • Is Poppy Playtime scary?
    It’s challenging to say whether a particular game is scary or not because everyone sees it differently. However, most players claim it’s one of the best horror games in recent times. The creepy atmosphere inside the abandoned toys factory might be unexpectedly scary.
  • How was Poppy Playtime made?
    The developers haven’t mentioned how the idea of Poppy Playtime appeared, but it’s quite a standard scenario of the horror game. This one was created by the MOB Games, and the second part will be released further this year.
  • Can we expect the Poppy Playtime PS4 version soon?
    Unfortunately, the game is only available for Microsoft Windows. There is no release date for the second part. It might be launched on PS4, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, though MOB Games haven’t revealed any details yet.
  • Can I start Poppy Playtime download on mobile?
    No, this game is not officially available for mobile devices. You can find some online versions for Android and iOS, but they are unofficial, and installing them is an intellectual property rights violation. The developers haven’t said anything about the possible mobile version in the future.
  • When did Poppy Playtime come out?
    A new horror game made by MOB Games appeared on the market at the beginning of October 2021. It had a lot of positive reviews right after the launch. The second chapter of Poppy Playtime should appear in early 2022.
  • Is Poppy Playtime multiplayer?
    This game can’t be played by several users at the same time. You play as the ex-employer of the toys factory Playtime, and the idea of the game was not anticipated for the multiplayer mode. Who knows what the second part prepares for us.
  • Is the Poppy Playtime full game free to install?
    No, you should buy this game on Steam. It costs $99 and is available for Microsoft Windows.