Subway Surfers is an endless running game developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games. The game was first released on May 23, 2012, for iOS and Android devices. In the game, the player controls a character who is running along a railway track, while being pursued by a train. 

The game is set in a 3D city environment, in which the player must escape from a police officer and his dog. The objective of the game is to avoid obstacles by jumping, ducking, and using various abilities granted by power-ups, and to stay ahead of the train for as long as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use hoverboards in Subway Surfers?
    To use a hoverboard in Subway Surfers, you first need to have one in your inventory. During gameplay, simply double-tap on your screen to activate your hoverboard. It will protect you from crashing for 30 seconds.
  • How can I recover my lost Subway Surfers data?
    If your game is linked to your Facebook or Google Play account, you can recover your progress by logging back into your account. If not, unfortunately, there's no way to recover lost data.
  • How can I get more coins in Subway Surfers?
    You can earn more coins by running longer distances, collecting coin power-ups, completing daily challenges, and opening mystery boxes. You can also purchase coins from the in-game store
  • What are the special events in Subway Surfers?
    Special events in Subway Surfers are limited-time challenges or themes that offer unique rewards. These could be seasonal events, like Halloween or Christmas, or location-based events, like the World Tour.
  • Can I change my character in Subway Surfers?
    Yes, you can change your character in Subway Surfers. You can do this by clicking on the "Me" tab and then selecting "Characters." Here, you can choose from the available characters that you've unlocked.
  • How can I get keys in Subway Surfers?
    Keys in Subway Surfers can be collected while running, from mystery boxes, or by completing the daily challenge. You can also buy keys from the in-game store.
  • What is the World Tour in Subway Surfers?
    The World Tour is a special feature in Subway Surfers where the game takes you to a new city or country every month. Each location comes with unique characters, hoverboards, and visuals.
  • What is the role of power-ups in Subway Surfers?
    Power-ups are special items in Subway Surfers that give you certain advantages, like the Jetpack that lets you fly over obstacles or the Coin Magnet that attracts coins towards you. They help you achieve longer runs and higher scores.