Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer version of Hello Neighbor. In this game you are in the role of a child and you are trying to save your friend but your friend is in the neighbor's basement. Your goal is to make sure the neighbor doesn't know you are trying to save your friend. You can hide in boxes, closets and under beds, sneak around and use items to distract the neighbor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I download Secret Neighbour for free?
    No, to play this game, you need to buy it via the official website or some marketplaces like Steam, Playstation Store, and others. The game had several updates that you will get once you purchase the basic version.
  • What platforms can I use to play Secret Neighbour?
    To play this game, you can use your Windows-based PC, Playstation, Xbox, or mobile devices. You can get an appropriate version of the game by clicking the Buy button on the official website.
  • Can I play Secret Neighbour online?
    Yes, this game was designed for multiplayer cooperation. Join your friends to unlock all the secrets the neighbor keeps in his basement. Do not forget that one of them will be a traitor.
  • Can I play this game for free in demo mode?
    No, unfortunately, there is no Secret Neighbour trial version. However, there is plenty of video and image content on the official website that will help you to understand whether this game is worth your attention or not.
  • Can I download Secret Neighbour from torrents for free?
    We don’t know if there is a torrent file for this game. Anyway, using torrents is not safe for your devices as they may contain viruses. There is no guarantee that the version you download will be stable.
  • Is Secret Neighbour a full game?
    Yes, if you buy the game via the official website or officially authorized marketplaces like steam or Playstation Store, you will get the full version of this product with all features included. Moreover, you will get all the updates in time as they will be automatically downloaded to your device.
  • Can I download This game via Steam?
    Yes, Secret Neighbour is officially presented on Steam. To start downloading, you need to log in to your Steam account and buy the game first. Once you do that, the game installation will be launched.
  • IS it possible to use a gamepad to play Secret Neighbour?
    Yes, whatever type of device you use, you can plug in a gamepad to play this game.
  • What are the minimum system requirements?
    You need to have at least 8GB of RAM to launch this game on your PC. As for GPU, it is recommended to have Nvidia GeForce GT 770 or above. I5 or better CPU is a must.
  • Can I play Secret Neighbour on my mobile device?
    Yes, this game is available for Android and iOS-based smartphones and tablets. To play it on a mobile device, you need to visit the official website and get the link there. You can also go to Google Play or App Store to download the game directly from there.